TypeScript Programming Language

TypeScript programming language is a more advanced version of JavaScript that includes more functionality.

What Is TypeScript Programming Language?

TypeScript programming language is a more advanced version of JavaScript that includes more functionality. Programming in it is straightforward, simple to learn, and quick. As an open-source programming language, it has been available for free download and use since its inception. It is licensed under Apache 2.0 and can be downloaded from its official website.

TypeScript programming language supports a variety of programming paradigms, including imperative, functional, and generic. It is regarded as an object-oriented programming language since it adheres to all the basic concepts of the OOP approach such as class, inheritance, and abstraction. Other concepts like polymorphism and encapsulation are also followed. Designed to allow for the development of massive JavaScript applications, the TypeScript programming language is a portable language that can be used as a transpiler to the JavaScript programming language.

What Makes TypeScript Better Than JavaScript?

When comparing two programming languages – TypeScript and JavaScript – we must take into account a number of elements, the most important of which are as follows:

1) There Is a Learning Curve

Since TypeScript is a successor of JavaScript, it is necessary to have a fundamental grasp and knowledge of JavaScript in order to develop TypeScript code. Apart from that, you should be familiar with the concept of object-oriented programming.

JavaScript is a scripting language that is both popular and simple to learn. Many online application developers utilize JavaScript in conjunction with CSS and HTML to design and develop web-based apps. HTML, on the other hand, is difficult to learn since it encompasses event handling, web behavior, animations, and scripting.

2) Developers’ Community

TypeScript acquired widespread acceptance in a short period of time and was used by a large number of businesses. If you want to learn TypeScript, there are several tutorials and manuals available on the internet. It does, however, have a highly active and supportive online community.

When compared to TypeScript, JavaScript does not have a proper developer community. However, there are several libraries, frameworks, and coding practices available in JavaScript. For this reason, it is important to understand the web development team structure that best meets your company’s demands in order to maximize overall team performance.

3) The Level of Performance

As we all know, TypeScript was developed in order to overcome the limitations of JavaScript while developing large-scale, sophisticated applications. Because of this, TypeScript reduces development time and helps become more productive.

The sole difference between TypeScript and JavaScript is that TypeScript code must be compiled into JavaScript before it can be used in an application.

4) Syntax Is Important

TypeScript provides variables declaration, a functional paradigm, and a type system, all of which are not available in JavaScript. In terms of syntax, it is comparable to JavaScript and .Net, and it has support for ECMAScript 2015 Standard features like modules, an arrow function syntax, and classes, among other things.

JavaScript is also defined in accordance with the ECMAScript specification. However, it is not a typed language in the same way that TypeScript is. It makes extensive use of structured programming terminology from the C programming language, such as if statements, do-while loops, switch statements, and many more. It supports event-driven programming as well as functional and imperative programming.

5) Instruments and Frameworks

Because Microsoft supports TypeScript, it has a slew of industry-leading frameworks and editors. It supports error handling during compilation in order to eliminate problems at runtime, which is accomplished by close connection with editors.

As an alternative, there are several JavaScript frameworks available on the market to meet the needs of web development project requirements. Among programmers, it is a large ecosystem that is highly popular. You may locate developers who specialize in various frameworks, such as ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, and others, easily.