For blockchains using EVM, truffle acts as a development environment and a testing framework, a widely used tool for blockchain application development.

What Is Truffle?

For blockchains using EVM, truffle acts as a development environment and a testing framework, a widely used tool for blockchain application development. It was developed by Tim Coulter in 2015 when he struggled to find tools to develop dApps. The reason behind the development of Truffle was to make dApps development easier for developers. In 2020, ConsenSys acquired the team and technology of Truffle Suite. 
Creating a dApp (decentralized app) in Ethereum involves navigating many layers and packages: Solidity, Web3.js, truffle-contract, testrpc, ganache-cli, geth, webpack. Truffle aims to unify all of these into a single CLI tool from the NodeJS ecosystem that you’ll be able to use regardless of whether you’re writing a smart contract or building a frontend app.

What Is a Truffle Suite?

It’s a collection of three tools; Truffle, Ganache, and Drizzle. At its core, Truffle Suite is an ecosystem to develop decentralized apps. It is widely popular among dApps developers because it supports the complete development process. Thanks to its vibrant and thriving community, Truffle Suite has been a point of attraction for aspiring and new developers as well.


The major component of Truffle Suite is Truffle. It is a development environment that specializes in smart contract development. With its wide range of valuable functionalities, dApps development is much easier for developers – this ease resonates with its slogan “Smart Contracts Made Sweeter” as well.

Truffle automates the compiling and packaging of Solidity code into bytecode that is sent to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It also simplifies the process of integrating your dApp with front-end development tools.


While Ganache is commonly referred to as a personal Blockchain, it should be considered more like a Bitcoin/Ethereum simulator. It is a component of Truffle Suite that was created to test apps by simulating the blockchain. This allows them to make sure that their code will work properly with real blockchain transactions.

The best way to think of Ganache is as a big bank ledger (database) with some basic functionalities like creating accounts, creating and sending transactions, etc. It is an excellent way to learn the effectiveness of your code and test your smart contracts in a local environment before deploying them to the blockchain.


It is another valuable component of Truffle Suite with front-end development libraries. Its primary function is to offer ease of creating a smooth user interface of dApps. The core of Drizzle is based on the Redux store, which takes the hassle out of synchronizing contract data, transaction data, and more. Front-end development becomes much more accessible and predictable with Drizzle.