A shorthand slang for “wrecked,” describing a bad loss in a trade.

What Is REKT in Crypto?

In the crypto community, rekt often refers to someone who has experienced a heavy financial loss due to a wrong trade or investment. REKT (or rekt) is an internet slang for “wrecked,” meaning severely damaged or utterly destroyed and ruined. Depending on the context, it can also mean something else.

For instance, let’s say Bob invests more than half his savings on X Coin just after its price soared. And a week later, the price of X Coin nosedived to less than 20% of the previous week’s value due to problems with regulation. In this case, Bob has gotten REKT.

In addition, the word REKT can also refer to a digital asset itself that loses value. In the above example with Bob, one could appropriately say X Coin got rekt.

What Does “Get Rekt” Mean in Crypto?

Get rekt is a slang phrase used in the cryptocurrency community to describe a situation where an investor has suffered a significant financial loss. It is often used as a warning to inexperienced traders who may be about to enter a risky position.

Rekt vs Bagholders in Crypto

Rekt and bagholders in crypto are two terms that often get used interchangeably but differ in meaning.

“Rekt” is an internet slang term used to describe when an investor loses a lot of money in a trade. It’s a variation of the word “wrecked” and is often used to describe a situation where an investor has made a bad decision or been on the wrong side of a trade.

“Bagholders,” on the other hand, refers to investors who continue to hold a cryptocurrency even after its value has decreased significantly. These investors are often seen as having “baggage” attached to them, as they stubbornly refuse to sell their crypto at a loss. Bagholders often hold on to the hope that their coin will eventually recover in value, but this is not always the case.