Quant Zone (FTX Exchange)

A tool to create and share trading strategies on the FTX exchange.

What Is Quant Zone (FTX Exchange)?

Quant Zone is a new type of leveraged trading product that allows traders to build long or short trading strategies on the FTX exchange. These products are unique to FTX and represent an exciting new way for traders to profit from crypto markets.

Quant Zone is a platform that allows users to create automated trading strategies that are easy to implement and fully customizable. It lets you create Quant Zone Rules, allowing you to optimize your strategies for automated trading. 

Any trader can use Quant Zone to automate their trading strategy on the FTX exchange. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, you can easily utilize this tool to gain maximum advantage on your investments.

Quant Zone allows you to make trading rules, and it’s quite easy to build automated trading strategies for scaling into or out of a position. With its help, you can create and leverage more complex strategies that are otherwise tough to accomplish manually. Quant Zone decreases traders’ workload and helps accomplish more in less time. When it comes to trading, it is crucial to take action swiftly, and you can do just the same by setting your own rules.

Two things that form a Quant Zone rule are trigger and action.

A trigger is an event that can happen in the market while the action is the response to a trigger.

Triggers range from price to volume to volatility, while actions include conditional orders and scale-in strategies, among others. Quant Zone rules run approximately every 15 seconds, so you should be very careful when programming your rules. A simple mistake can cause a great loss. 

FTX Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in February 2019. The platform provides clients with the ability to trade on futures markets for cryptocurrencies. It also provides traders access to professional trading tools that are normally reserved for institutional investors.
The FTX exchange is backed by Alameda Research, which is known for its trading capacity of over $1 billion each day from OTC (over-the-counter) desks and crypto exchanges.