Odysee is a server-less video hosting and distribution platform built on top of the LBRY protocol.

What Is Odysee?

It is a website that enables the uploading and sharing of videos, allowing its users to publish their work without the need for paying hosting fees. It is also decentralized and censorship-resistant, meaning that there are no servers to shut down or block.

Through the Odysee app, you can create your own channel, upload your videos to be shared with the world, and subscribe to other channels you enjoy. As a viewer, you can explore content from around the world through channels and hashtags.

Odysee offers a safe home for your videos. But what does that mean in practice? Here are the three pillars of the Odysee platform:

Decentralization means that your videos are hosted all over the world. There is no single point of failure, and no one can take your videos offline. In this way, Odysee is similar to blockchain-based services like LBRY and Bitcoin (where transactions are stored in blocks across a network of computers).

A permanent home for videos is important because many video hosting platforms today have taken down videos for dubious reasons. Odysee ensures that your content will always be available because it would require an enormous amount of computing power to remove the files from numerous computers around the world.

The ability to earn money with your videos is one of the most exciting features of Odysee. By using LBRY credits, you can reward people who view your content directly by tipping them or offering subscriptions. You can also earn tips on other people’s content by “liking” or commenting.

Relation Between Odysee and LBRY Network

Odysee is created by the team behind LBRY Network or LBRY Blockchain. Earlier, it used to be lbry.tv.

LBRY TV is a media platform that allows creators to set their own price, keep their own ad revenue, and now — host their content. Creators can either choose to host their content on the platform or simply link out to their own website. The platform has the potential to be a major player in creating an independent creator economy without the need for advertisers (or middleman platforms) to generate revenue.

The company believes that its new hosting service will not only help creators generate more income but also protect them from censorship as it’s harder for platforms such as YouTube to ban creators when they’re not hosting the content on their platform.

It sees itself as a community-driven, decentralized Netflix and plans on being home to some of the most popular movies, shows, and documentaries on the internet.

LBRY Network is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol for the creation, distribution, and discovery of digital content. With LBRY, you can buy, rent, or sample videos from major studios, indies, and even YouTube creators!