Futo is an organization that develops and invests in decentralized technologies and companies.

What Is Futo?

Futo is an organization that develops and invests in decentralized technologies and companies. It was founded in 2021 by Eron Wolf, a seed investor in WhatsApp and founder of Yahoo Games with 18 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Futo promises to recreate the spirit of freedom, innovation and self-reliance that underpinned the American tech industry. It focuses on engineering, educating about, and investing in projects with a focus on decentralization.

Futo does not rely on other companies and promises to remain an independent company. It also pledges to stay loyal to its customers and maintain an honest relationship with revenue coming only from direct payments for software and services. Furthermore, it is “transparently devoted to making delightful software.” Thus, software backed by Futo will be open-source and no effort will be taken to limit users or modify their behavior. 

What Does Futo Believe?

Futo believes the free market has failed and tech companies have established an oligopoly to consolidate their power. Moreover, technology has created powerful economies of scale that favor bigger organizations and manipulate human behavior in a way that is profitable for them.

Futo endorses the free market and aims to intervene with behavior that is harmful to users. Therefore, its projects are to be independent and shall not exacerbate the existing tech oligopoly. It also expects its projects to have an honest relationship with its customers and not employ revenue models that put the user at the center of revenue generation. 

Futo also wants to take social media back to the beginning of the internet, where creators would publish their work to the entire world. It pledges to develop tools to back creators and invest in social media without political censorship. 

Futo regards coders in crypto to be preoccupied with money-making schemes, such as pump and dumps and shitcoins. Thus, it calls on its coders to not focus on projects that swindle people out of money and aims to be extra conscientious about avoiding such crypto schemes. 

Futo projects

Futo is backing projects with grants. At the time of writing, it has published two projects. 

  1. Circles is a social photo-sharing app with privacy built in.

  2. FUBS is a software development system that endeavors to make it as frictionless as possible for a user of a program to understand or modify it.