Desktop Wallet

A desktop wallet is a type of software wallet that is usually non-custodial.

What Is a Desktop Wallet?

A desktop wallet is a type of software wallet that is usually non-custodial. This means no central platform or third party has custody of cryptocurrencies belonging to a particular wallet. Only the end-user has the ability to move funds using private keys.
Desktop wallets deliver accessibility, which is important to many crypto users, particularly those new to crypto trading. Desktop wallets also provide ease of use since they are often connected to trading platforms, giving users a convenient method of checking their crypto while remaining in control of their private keys. Some desktop wallets like AtomicDEX use atomic swaps to facilitate peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading, while others have integrations with centralized exchanges. Desktop wallets are free to download, and many either use partial or fully open-source code. 

One drawback to using crypto wallets on desktop devices is the lack of portability compared to mobile devices. However, most desktop wallets are interoperable with a corresponding mobile wallet. This means users can quickly and efficiently migrate their seeds from a desktop device to a mobile device for greater portability if needed.

A few popular desktop wallets include AtomicDEX, Electrum, Exodus, and Guarda.
Author: Kadan Stadelmann, CTO of Komodo

Kadan Stadelmann is a blockchain developer, operations security expert, and Chief Technology Officer of Komodo, an open-source technology provider that offers all-in-one blockchain solutions for developers and businesses. Komodo works closely with organizations that want to launch their own custom decentralized exchanges, DeFi platforms, and independent blockchains. Its flagship technology and end-user application is AtomicDEX – a mobile and web-compatible non-custodial multi-coin wallet and atomic swap-powered DEX rolled into one dApp. Kadan strongly identifies with Komodo’s open-source vision and ideology. His dedication to the Komodo project is founded on an unwavering desire to make the world a better place. In addition to cryptography, blockchain technology, and development, Kadan is interested in literature, mathematics, astrophysics, and traveling.