DAO Summoning

DAO summoning is the act of creating or forming a DAO.

What Is DAO Summoning?

DAO summoning is the act of creating or forming a DAO. The term is typically used in the context of forming a new Moloch DAO, though it can also refer to the formation of any new DAO.
The first one to be summoned was MolochDAO, by Ameen Soleimani on February 14th, 2019 at ETHDenver. 

All key infrastructure required for a new DAO can be deployed in a matter of seconds, and multiple tools already exist that make summoning a new one possible with just a few clicks. 

The use of “summon” in the context of forming a new DAO is an expression of the urgency of calling on a community to form around a shared purpose or common values, as well as a dedication to the fundamental DAO ethos of distributed and collective ownership. In contrast, the formation of traditional companies and organizations – which are typically neither community-driven nor community-owned – is marked by more utilitarian terms like “create,” “start,” or “fund”. 

DAO summoning also refers to the act of assembling new members in a new DAO. A “DAO summoner” calls on individuals to join the DAO, assembling the first cohort of members. 
In the initial versions of the Moloch DAO framework, the DAO summoner was the only initial member of the new DAO, which led to the need for actively assembling new members. In 2.1 and later versions, a new DAO can be summoned with multiple other initial members; this is known as “multi-summoning.”
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