An individual who holds a positive outlook on Bitcoin.

A person who is bullish on Bitcoin.

What Is a Bitcoiner?

A Bitcoiner is a person who actively engages in activities related to Bitcoin. This includes buying and HODLing Bitcoin. Bitcoiners are passionate about discussing the development of Bitcoin technologies, such as wallets, exchanges and other services. They may also be involved in writing and disseminating Bitcoin-related news, articles and research. In addition, some of them may also be miners working to maintain the Bitcoin network and verify transactions.

A Bitcoiner may be that friend you have who cannot stop talking about Bitcoin. Many Bitcoiners have been HODLing their Bitcoins since the early 2010s. Most likely, your Bitcoiner friend will be checking their phone to update you on the current price of Bitcoin, either growing wide-eyed about their newfound gains or crushed by the latest dip in slight panic that their life savings could be wiped away.

What Is the Difference Between Bitcoiners and Other Crypto Enthusiasts?  

The primary difference between Bitcoiners and other crypto enthusiasts is the level of engagement and commitment they have to Bitcoin. Bitcoiners are typically more involved in the development of the coin and its related technologies, and also in the discussion and promotion of it. Other crypto users may only use various cryptocurrencies for occasional payments and investments. Bitcoiners usually have a more in-depth understanding of the technology, are more likely to actively participate in the Bitcoin community, and have a greater commitment to the success of the coin.

Despite the volatility of Bitcoin, a Bitcoiner believes in a future where the coin continues to dominate the cryptocurrency market capitalization. Some idealistic Bitcoiners may believe in the cryptocurrency’s power to revolutionize the global political and financial system.

How to Tell If You Are a Bitcoiner?  

  1. You have a strong interest in the Bitcoin industry and are knowledgeable about the technology.
  2. You are passionate about the potential for Bitcoin to revolutionize financial systems.
  3. You keep up with the latest news and developments related to Bitcoin.
  4. You own some Bitcoin and use it to make purchases or invest in it. 
  5. You are familiar with the various wallets and exchanges available to buy, sell and store Bitcoin.
  6. You are comfortable with the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies.
  7. You aren’t afraid to voice your opinion on forums, blogs and social media about Bitcoin and its potential.