aNFT (Autonomous NFT)

Autonomous NFTs, also known as aNFTs, are a type of non-fungible tokens that have the ability to initiate their own transactions through programming.

What Is an aNFT (Autonomous NFT)?

aNFTs are capable of proactively initiating interactions with Web3 users and network protocols without being prompted. As a result, they enable a near-limitless array of complex, open-ended interactions that can be adapted to many Web3 use cases.
After an aNFT is set up with a single initial transaction, it is essentially self-contained and does not rely on humans to do anything. It functions using incentivized networks (i.e. of bots), such as Autonomy Network, to ensure that actions are triggered when the conditions are met.

aNFTs can be programmed to, on their own:

  • Transfer assets (including themselves)

  • Be non-player characters (NPCs) in crypto games

  • Trade/make purchases

  • Lend/borrow

  • Vote and send messages

  • Play with or against you in a game

  • Perform off-chain actions based on off-chain events
  • Upgrade their own logic

aNFTs enable more engaging gameplay as NPCs. These NPCs can act as friendly merchants or as enemies you can play with or against in a game. When playing against an NPC, you’re technically fighting a smart contract directly. In traditional games, fighting NPCs is called player-vs-environment (PvE). In Web3, the “environment” is the blockchain itself, causing gaming to shift from being PvE to being player-vs-blockchain (PvB).

Author: James Key, Founder and CEO of Autonomy Network

James Key is the CEO and founder of Autonomy Network, a decentralized automation protocol. Autonomy Network enables Dapps of any kind to integrate automation features in a truly decentralized way, leveraging simple UI changes and no contract redeployments. Autonomy is protocol-agnostic and supports a wide range of use cases for DeFi and NFTs, such as limit and stop orders for DEXes, recurring salary payments for DAOs, and autonomous NFTs. 

James is a self-taught blockchain engineer with nearly five years of experience working with Web3 infrastructure. Prior to founding Autonomy Network, James implemented Proof of Stake on Flow at Dapper Labs, built a cross-chain DEX at ChainFlip, and did chain analysis for the FBI. He studied and researched Physics and Quantum Computing at the University of British Columbia.