The crypto space evolved through its reliance on community-driven networks, which helped in its establishment as a global phenomenon. From what we have learned so far from the technology’s unprecedented success, great things come from small beginnings. Crypto lit up the world because the first movers were always ready to discuss its technicalities. They found various means to share their knowledge with the burgeoning crypto community, and it helped spread the crypto story like wildfire.

One of the means by which crypto found its root as a valid disruptive tool was through networking on discussion boards and cryptocurrency forums. These cryptocurrency forum platforms brought people from different backgrounds together to share in the wonders of crypto and its related technologies.

Cryptocurrency forums still exist today, and they continue to play crucial roles in the crypto narrative. In this guide, we will explore the fundamentals of cryptocurrency forum, and why you should utilize them. Afterward, we will introduce you to basic factors that should help you choose one as well as a list of the best cryptocurrency forum today.

What Are Cryptocurrency Forums or Bitcoin Forums?

A cryptocurrency forum could mean different things to different people. For some, it is a marketing tool, while some see it as a channel to get answers to questions relating to cryptocurrency. Also, we have some set of people who capitalize on the sentiments raised on discussion boards to reach an investment decision. Regardless of the reasons why people utilize cryptocurrency forums, you will agree that they are first and foremost a platform for the exchange of opinions related to cryptocurrency. Generally, these cryptocurrency forum platforms are easy to use, free to use and come with simple user interfaces.

What Are the Types of Crypto Forums That We Have?

A typical cryptocurrency forum should allow discussions relating to subjects about crypto technology. However, we have those that fixate on specific topics like the ones that only discuss everything bitcoin. In a bitcoin forum, you get to exchange thoughts on the happenings in the bitcoin market. While this is a given, a majority of cryptocurrency forums explore a wide range of cryptocurrency talk, as there are no restrictions as to which topic you can initiate. Here, the forums are not restricted to a bitcoin message board, and there is a horde of crypto-related subforums where you can voice your opinion or get answers.

Who Are the People You Will Find on A Crypto Forum?

For cryptocurrency forum that solely enable cryptocurrency topics, they cater to a large demographic of crypto participants. These cryptocurrency forum networks consist of the following set of people:

New Entrants

The crypto landscape is filled with all sorts of terminologies and technicalities, which are known to discourage newbies who are trying to participate in the crypto market. That said, cryptocurrency forums are safe havens for new entrants, as they offer them a place to present their plights and obtain answers quickly. And so, the cryptocurrency forum has stood as the one-stop website for new entrants trying to find their footings in a complex crypto setup.

Crypto Experts

Experienced crypto practitioners are the lifeline of crypto forums because they are always putting out information and contributing to the efficacy of the platform as an educational ecosystem. They give insights, contribute to arguments, and develop new ones that will get people talking. On many of the top cryptocurrency forum sites, members are ranked according to their contributions to the community. This common practice makes it easier to spot experts. However, note that crypto experts are sometimes at the receiving end on crypto forums. Crypto forums are the best place to become popular in the crypto space. Being active on a popular forum presents them the opportunity of enjoying the perks of top personality status in the cryptocurrency forum community.

Crypto Professionals

Crypto forums house professionals who make a living off the happenings within the crypto economy. Such professionals include:

Crypto Traders: It is a basic requirement for serious crypto traders to analyze the sentiments of the crypto community before entering a trade. These people gauge the market trends and search for the best sites for cryptocurrency trading forum that might help them make price projections.

Crypto Journalists: Media outlets are aware that the hottest topics find their way to cryptocurrency forum. And so, they consistently track top cryptocurrency websites to stay ahead of the lightning-quick crypto space. In some cases, they initiate discussions that would help their reports and give them insight into the perception of the crypto community as regards pressing topics in the industry.

Crypto Marketing Professionals: As mentioned earlier, the crypto industry is a collection of closely-knitted communities. And crypto forums are the easiest way to get across this network of crypto communities. ICO/STO/IEO promoters are aware of this, and they dedicate a fraction of their resources to reach out to members of crypto forum websites. Hence, it is common to encounter one form of crypto advertisements, or the other, on a cryptocurrency forum.

Crypto Developers, Startups, And Firms: Like marketing experts, startups are aware of the value of cryptocurrency forum. Forums are the most efficient way to reach out to the crypto community. Therefore, startups, looking to build a strong following for their project, take the time to engage with potential customers on crypto forums. They introduce their products, discuss its importance, and give feedback to questions asked. Established firms, on the other hand, use these cryptocurrency forums to gauge the performances of their products and connect with customers.

Scammers: Since crypto currency forums are the portals to the crypto space, scammers and nefarious entities have made it a habit to prowl crypto discussion boards. As such, you see them posting ads of scam projects. Also, they generate fake news to either initiate panic that could alter price movements, or cause crypto holders to fall victim to their schemes. Regardless of how these entities go about misleading crypto practitioners, you should always remember that hackers are lurking somewhere on your favorite crypto forum website.

Why Do You Need to Review Cryptocurrency Forum Sites?

By now, you must have discovered that there is a growing list of crypto forum sites to choose from. The essence of joining a forum is to become rooted in a thriving community. So, you should try as much as possible to join a community that offers something tangible to your crypto journey. This assertion, coupled with the fact that many forums out there lack sterling track records, establishes the importance of reviewing your options before opting for one.

What Are the Things to Consider When Reviewing Cryptocurrency Forum Sites?

The Niche of The Crypto Forum

Investigating the niche of a crypto forum website is very important, as it is the first step to determine whether the scope of the site caters to your needs. If your preference is a forum, offering discussion boards covering a wide array of crypto topics, then there is no need to consider forums that focus on a particular crypto niche. Do not expect to get much, in terms of value, from a BTC forum when your immediate needs center around information relating to altcoins. As such, you ought to review the niches available on the cryptocurrency forums, compare it with your crypto needs, and decide if it is the appropriate one for you.

The Design of The Cryptocurrency Forum and How It Affects the User Experience

A typical crypto forum chooses simple designs that aid navigation and boost user experience. What is the essence of joining a forum that entails lengthy processes, whenever you want to voice your opinion or get insight on critical issues? The primary purpose of creating a cryptocurrency forum website is to get people talking effortlessly. If this pivotal goal is defeated, then you had better get yourself an alternative. For us at Mr. Bitcoins, we believe that new entrants should have no problem understanding the workings of a crypto forum. This assertion featured in the analytic processes utilized for our review catalog.

The Number of Active Members

The number of members actively engaging in a forum determines its size. Over the years, the top forum sites have attracted crypto practitioners, from different facets of life, to contribute to the growth of the crypto space. For new entrants, the more the experts contributing to a crypto forum, the higher the chances of obtaining valuable advice. Also, crypto professionals who rely on sentiments raised on crypto forums would find it difficult to gain tangible insights from deserted crypto forums. Therefore, you should gauge the metrics of the cryptocurrency forum before joining it.

The Quality of Discussion

While numbers show the size of a community, its knowledge base, on the other hand, portrays its quality. Hence, it is vital to go for cryptocurrency forum platforms with members who have a deep understanding of crypto technology and its economy. Be wary of crypto forums where contributors have a knack for posting assertions without proof to back them up. Although it is advisable to second guess everything you read on the cryptocurrency forums, however, you should gradually develop a level of trust in the efficacy of your community. You might want to switch to a quality discussion group if it is hard finding meaningful dialogue on your present cryptocurrency forum.

The Safety of The Forum

In as much as it is hard to curtail every form of nefarious activities on crypto forums, nonetheless, a crypto forum must have done enough to protect its users. As mentioned earlier, scammers and nefarious individuals have made it a habit of dumping fake news and fake projects on forum websites. It then falls on the administrators to put features in place that will make it a tad difficult for these entities to carry out their evil acts. These features include spam detection and blocking functions to give the members a fighting chance. You should avoid cryptocurrency forums that cannot deliver basic security features.


The world is leaning towards mobile services, therefore, we expect online services and tools to utilize designs that promise mobile-friendliness. More importantly, crypto forums need to capitalize on technology trends that borders on mobile applications to cater to the needs of the increasingly inquisitive crypto community. Hence, your preferred forum should utilize a design that will allow you to network with the community on the go.

Mr. Bitcoins List of Best Cryptocurrency Forums

Mr. Bitcoins have done an extensive research to generate a comprehensive catalog of top cryptocurrency forums in the crypto space. We did not limit ourselves to a particular niche or create a bitcoin forums list. Instead, we put together a forum site list that captured both the niche-selective forums and diversified forums.

How did we go about this?

Our team explored the workings of each cryptocurrency forum while ensuring that our analytic model aligns with the recommendations mentioned above. As such, each crypto forum featured on this list has undergone rigorous analysis to ascertain the niches covered on the discussion boards. To factor in the efficiency of the forum’s community, we took a look at the volume of activities recorded on each as well as the quality of such activities. Furthermore, we checked the security measures available on the platforms to protect their members. These checks helped us assess the safety of users, as it is crucial to list only cryptocurrency forum platforms that enable standard security features. Hence, we discovered that some of the cryptocurrency forum platforms on this list have subforums where advertisements are restricted.

Then, we analyzed the ratio of expert crypto practitioners to new entrants. This analysis helped us capture the level of help beginners can find in each crypto forum website.

Lastly, we took significant measures to examine the quality of the user experience of each cryptocurrency forum website. Remember that user experience adds to the efficacy of these cryptocurrency forum platforms. So, we tried to rate the design utilized and its mobile-friendliness. The questions asked here were: Is it easy for new users to navigate the cryptocurrency forum website? And, is the design appropriate for users accessing the cryptocurrency forum website from their mobile phones?

At the end of our comprehensive analysis, we came up with a list of forums that ranked commendably after undergoing our analytic processes. Knowing fully well that it is rare to find cryptocurrency forums with the perfect score across all boards, we have, therefore, attached a brief review of each cryptocurrency forum platform as well as its pros and cons. All in all, 17 cryptocurrency forums made it to our list, and they include:
1. Bitcointalk
3. Overclockers
4. Beermoneyforum
5. Cryptocurrencytalk
6. Bitcoingarden
7. Altcoinstalks
9. Bitalk
10. forum
11. Bitcoinforum
12. Allcryptotalk
14. Cryptorum
15. Cryptoheresy
16. Mastersofcrypto Forum
17. Cryptointalk