The crypto sphere has become a nest for different projects trying to introduce the concept of cryptocurrency technology to existing systems. This assertion is why the scope of the crypto market has expanded to the extent that it is almost impossible to manually track and analyze market trends. A more viable alternative is to utilize analysis tools, including crypto charts, that provide a rich overview of the historical and present state of the crypto market. In this crypto trader review, we will explore the fundamentals of crypto charts, the benefits of using them, and factors to look out for when choosing one.

What Are Cryptocurrency Charts?

As earlier mentioned, the crypto market is a burgeoning ecosystem housing an enormous list of assets and projects vying for prominence via the adoption of crypto and blockchain technology. While this is a given, every crypto practitioner needs the means to track happenings in the extremely volatile crypto market to have insight into market trends and price movements. Accessing accurate and prompt information encapsulating the entirety of the digital assets market is vital to the decision-making processes of crypto practitioners, especially those looking to trade or invest in certain coins.
It is the above-stated challenge that brought to the fore the importance of charting systems ideal for crypto assets. These systems come with the necessary tools to identify current price trends, analyze historical market movements, and project future price swings. Hence, a chart for cryptocurrency enables tools, which include visual representations of the performance of crypto assets, to help crypto practitioners determine the current or past performances of digital assets.
Needless to say, crypto chart systems have become one of the most important tools for crypto participants, and this is evident in the number of websites providing charting services. Although crypto exchange websites often enable these tools, there are, however, sites solely designed to provide charting systems to users. These sites come with extensive data and visual representations of price performances of selected cryptocurrencies to ensure that users have access to all they need to identify market anomalies and recurring trends.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Cryptocurrency Chart Website?

They Offer Accurate Insight into Market Trends

With the tools made available on a crypto chart site, it becomes easier to fathom the present stance of crypto assets in the market. There are ample resources to determine the performance of digital assets and decide whether it is wise to invest in them. Simply put, using crypto charts is one of the acceptable ways to research the viability of cryptocurrencies and ensure that you are not allocating your funds to a lost cause.

They Are Good Price Prediction Tools

You will often notice that experienced traders take cryptocurrency charting endeavors seriously. This is because it avails an accurate means to predict price movements via the identification of current price trends. In other words, charts for cryptocurrency are vital tools for crypto traders looking to determine short term price movements and profit from projected price trends.

Crypto Charts Make It Easier to Research the Historical Performances of The Crypto Market

Crypto chart websites that have enough data to provide visual representations of the complete history of cryptocurrencies are the ideal research tools for people looking to analyze the performance of digital assets from the moment they became available in the crypto market. This functionality is priceless to crypto analysts who explore the short histories of cryptocurrencies, determine events that might have caused certain market trends, and explore scenarios that might trigger similar market movements in the future.

What Are the Differentiating Factors of Crypto Chart Websites?

Although crypto chart websites provide similar services, there are, however, unique functionalities that we can identify as their differentiating factors. For one, while some sites strictly chart cryptocurrency, others offer services to participants of traditional markets. For the latter, the crypto chart section is just one of the plethora of trading options available on such sites.
Likewise, it is possible to segregate crypto chart platforms based on the range of data sets or crypto index provided. Note that some platforms might prefer to focus on peripheral data sets. On the other hand, some websites offer an extensive range of data, which you can use to create a more in-depth visualization of market trends.
Also, there are various types of market indicators made available to users. As per our differentiating model, some crypto chart websites offer multiple market indicators to users. Some limit traders to one or two indicators, which could stifle the efficacy of technical analysis carried out on cryptocurrencies. However, note that the more the tools and options available on the platform, the less probable it is for new entrants to find it easy to utilize the website.
Having discussed the benefits and differentiating factors of crypto chart websites, how then can traders and analysts determine the best charts for cryptocurrency?

What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing A Crypto Chart Website?

Although there are several things to consider when looking to identify the best crypto chart websites, however, for this guide, we have highlighted the most integral ones. These factors include:

The Range of Cryptocurrencies Supported

There are over 3,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens traded in the crypto market. And chances are the crypto chart website you are considering will only provide stats and data for a fraction of the digital assets available in the market. Hence, it is up to you to research the number of cryptocurrencies supported and determine if it encapsulates the scope of the research or crypto chart analysis you intend to carry out. Likewise, you should ensure that the list of crypto supported includes all of the digital assets in your portfolio. It is not worthwhile to adopt a cryptocurrency chart website that can not provide data sets for cryptocurrencies that are critical to you.

The Range of Data Sets Available for Each Cryptocurrency

After you must have verified that the crypto charts you are reviewing have data sets for your chosen cryptocurrencies, it is advisable to assess the metrics and market parameters logged for each cryptocurrency. It is preferable to opt for crypto chart websites with an extensive range of metrics, which will help you perform flexible analysis. Similarly, a comprehensive price index for cryptocurrencies offers users a vantage outlook of the economic states of digital assets.

The Niche of The Chart Website

As mentioned earlier when discussing the differentiating factors of crypto chart websites, some chart websites cater to the cryptocurrency market while others encompass a broad array of trading niche. In light of this, you ought to decide whether you are comfortable with adopting a chart system restricted to crypto indexes or opting for one that allows you to switch trading options effortlessly. We suggest that traders strictly trading cryptocurrency to go for crypto chart websites. On the other hand, multi-trading niche charting systems are the ideal choices for traders participating in multiple markets.
With the ability to switch between different charting systems, traders do not have to register on multiple chart websites before they can access charting tools suitable for all of the markets they engage with. However, in this case, you should ensure that the section dedicated to crypto technical analysis is as good as the charting systems of websites solely catering to the crypto niche. On the downside, choosing multi-market charting websites might limit you to tools compatible with popular coins alone.

The User and Mobile-Friendliness of The Crypto Chart Website

There is no doubt that analyzing charts and exploring statistics come with complexities, which often deter less-experienced traders. As such, crypto chart websites ought to try as much as possible to enable a platform that improves user experience. Incorporating a simple design and an aesthetically-pleasing interface will help users focus on the task at hand. This framework is more ideal, particularly for websites that house as much information and data as crypto chart sites.
Another important detail to consider when exploring the user-friendliness of chart websites is the availability of tutorial resources depicting how to go about utilizing the various functions provided on the site. It is advisable to choose crypto chart websites that have blog sections where you can access articles explaining complex processes relating to charting tools.
Also, ensure that the crypto chart platform of your choice does not implement ad policies that might stifle your activities. Here, it is imperative to ascertain that the ads on the website do not come in the way of your technical analysis. More importantly, viable crypto chart websites either adopt mobile-friendly designs or provide mobile apps to allow users to access charting tools on the go. Thus, we suggest that you only opt for crypto chart platforms compatible with mobile device interfaces or have well-functioning apps to enable accessibility.

The Customer Support System

Once you are okay with the user experience of the crypto chart website under review, you should assess its customer support culture. This review is important because it showcases the service provider’s propensity to deliver premium customer support mechanisms. Here, we suggest that you adopt websites with 24/7 customer service support and different channels for logging one’s complaints and feedback. The availability of this will determine how quickly you will access solutions to issues relating to processes involved in utilizing one or two charting tools.

The Fees Policy of The Chart Website

Not all chart websites offer free services. Some have monetized their platform through the segmentation of charting services into tiered-subscription plans. Hence, these websites might allow users to enjoy specific charting services for free but will classify some tools under premium packages accessible only to paying clients. In light of this, we suggest that you take the time to explore the subscription plans and fees policy of chart websites beforehand. By doing so, you can prevent yourself from registering for exorbitant subscription plans or choosing a package that does not suit your charting needs.
To ensure that you are not being shortchanged, we advise that you consider the fee policies of similar websites and determine its conformity with market standards. Also, check the payment options accepted on the website. Ensure that your preferred method appears on the site, especially if you intend to pay with crypto.

Alerts and Notifications

The essence of adopting a majority of charting websites lies in their capacity to alert you whenever market trends match pre-configured data or stats. As such, it is imperative to ascertain that the crypto chart website on your radar has quality alert systems, which include various channels of notifying you of market movements. While researching the availability of quality notification systems, ensure that the site supports email alerts, in-app alerts, SMS alerts, or any other notification channel that you prefer.

The Accuracy of The Website

Since crypto charting requires the logging of live data from the volatile crypto market, it is, therefore, vital to verify that the crypto chart website you eventually choose relies on accurate data. Needless to say, the accuracy of the data logged on the website has an integral bearing on the quality of signals generated with its charting tools. Apart from accuracy, it is also advisable to check that you access real-time stat figures and visual representations.

The Security of The Crypto Chart Website

Some chart websites sync with crypto exchanges and allow users to enter trades directly through APIs. While this in itself is a good feature, it, however, exposes users to a lot of risks. Hence, you ought to do security-based research on chart websites that provide this feature or those that require you to submit private data. We suggest that you assess the encryption protocols and security measures adopted to protect the privacy of users.

How Did Cryptolinks Research Its List of The Best Crypto Chart Websites?

Knowing fully well that the crypto chart niche is littered with options, we at Cryptolinks have, therefore, highlighted the best cryptocurrency charts. To achieve this daunting task, we adopted the recommendations listed in this guide and utilized an organic research methodology. First, we identified the range of data sets available for each supported cryptocurrency. Then we verified the user experience of the crypto chart websites reviewed. In this section, we ensured that they are user and mobile-friendly.
Thereafter, we explored and compared the customer support system as well as the fee policies of each website. Next, we assessed their notification systems and determined the accuracy of the data on which the platforms base their charts and stats. In the end, we found 39 crypto chart websites good enough to feature on the Cryptolinks website. We suggest that you take the time to peruse the review articles below before making a definite choice.